Pregnancy massage

During pregnancy, your body adjusts to your baby's needs. Especially in the first three months of pregnancy your body is working at top speed. Many women experience pregnancy as a particularly intensive phase of their lives.

However, this remarkable strain on the expectant mother's body can be painful and exhausting. In the beginning, for example, you feel a severe tiredness, and in the mornings you feel sick. The weight increases, the posture changes, you feel muscle tensions, headaches and water retentions.
The organs, the circulation, the nervous and the hormonal system are adapting to the new life.
Despite the common ailments during pregnancy, you may enjoy the special time relaxed and comfortably. For these physical and mental changes can be greatly alleviated by a pregnancy or prenatal / perinatal massage. The relaxing effect of the massage is proven to reduce stress hormones in the body. On the contrary, endorphins, which are “happiness hormones”, are being produced.

The attention which a woman gives to herself also affects the child's personality in a beneficial way.

"Health begins with indulgence"

The prenatal massage is still by no means common in Germany, and it is very difficult to find a therapist with appropriate, thorough training. I have received my training by Susanne Lauf, a massage therapist from the United States, and have been certified by her.

Action and effects of pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is a full body massage. A relaxing massage specially designed for expectant mothers that addresses the specific needs of the pregnant women. A special positioning system allows for a massage in a lateral position, which benefits the expectant mother as well as the baby. Particular attention is directed to the body zones which are particularly burdened during pregnancy. Professional massage techniques have a regulatory effect on the strained parts of the body.
The pregnancy massage also has a holistic character and acts equally on the body, mind and soul. The skin turns soft and smooth, stretch marks are being prevented, the musculature is being relaxed and supplied with blood, and the internal organs are being increasingly supplied with blood and nourished. Thus oedema can be reduced, swollen joints and legs can be relieved and the tendency towards varicose veins can be reduced. The vegetative nervous system is soothed and lets the traces left by the stress in the body fade away. Joints become more mobile again, tendons and ligaments relax and become flexible. Internal and external tensions related to pregnancy, childbirth and mothering can be accepted and dissolve. This whole process reaches the unborn child in the womb and it enjoys relaxing with its mother.

  • Reduces stress and helps the expectant mother to better adapt to the new situation
  • Helps with fatigue, headaches and insomnia
  • Reduces muscle tension, especially in the middle and upper back, neck, shoulders and buttocks
  • Helps to maintain the skin elasticity, acts to prevent stretch marks
  • Enhances and supports the posture and body awareness. Better posture - less pain!
  • Relieves joint structures, which are particularly stressed by the increased weight
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Alleviates depression and provides emotional support
  • Reduces stress hormones and the risk of stress-induced premature birth
  • Reduces water retention (oedema) in the legs and ankles
  • Relieves indigestions
  • Supports and facilitates breathing
  • Supports the birth process by relaxing the muscles involved in childbirth

And most importantly: It just feels good.

Pregnancy massage experts recommend that pregnant women should have pregnancy massages at least once a month. This will help you to get revitalized and prepared for the actual pregnancy. No matter how far away the birth is, pregnancy massages are the best medicine to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

As a pregnant woman, when should I start getting massaged?​

Pregnancy massage can basically be enjoyed from the first to the last day of pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy the body puts a lot of energy into the development of the placenta. Many women experience severe fatigue and nausea during this time. In these cases, I would advise you to wait for the first trimester before booking a massage. The increased blood flow during the massage can increase dizziness and morning sickness. Before each pregnancy massage I have a preliminary talk with the expectant mother, in which the course of the pregnancy is discussed extensively and possible contraindications for the massage are excluded.

Notice: If you are unsure whether a gentle massage is suitable for you, please ask your gynecologist or midwife. With a massage appointment in the first three months and the last month of pregnancy, you should consult your doctor to be sure that your health allows for this. It is very helpful for your therapist that you bring the maternity log to your massage session, so that any open questions can be clarified.

Are there any contraindications for the massage?​

No prenatal massage should be performed at the following points.

  • Fever
  • Infectious diseases, such as e.g. cold or flu
  • Skin rashes
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Bypass
  • Cancer
  • Tendency to develop cramps or epilepsy
  • Acute injuries and operations
  • Undiagnosed, severe pain

It is very helpful for your therapist that you bring the maternity log to your massage session, so that any open questions can be clarified.


Pregnancy massage
60 minutes € 95,-
90 minutes € 145,-

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