Post Partum massage

Post Partum massage means massage after the pregnancy.
(lat. post = after, lat. parto = pregnancy)

After childbirth, the once pregnant woman makes a journey towards the reality of being a mother. Sleepless nights, a crying baby, perpetual changing of diapers, and mountains of laundry are part of it. Treating yourself to a massage during this time can greatly facilitate the habituation phase and gives the mother a "time out".

Post Partum massage helps and supports with:

  • Remaining water retentions (oedema)
  • Improved milk production by stress reduction
  • Relaxing the muscles tensed by birth
  • Abdominal cramps and indigestion
  • The involution of the uterus
  • Back and neck strains
  • Reducing scar tissue after a C-section
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Strengthening the muscle tone
  • Welcoming the body as yours again
  • Keeping the nerves and getting used to maternity

This type of massage is possible three weeks after a natural birth and six weeks after a C-section.


Post Partum massage
60 minutes € 95,-
90 minutes € 145,-

Gift vouchers

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